Alisha Nahoku ~ Lightworker Coaching

Just as the ancient Polynesians used stars to navigate through time and and space of the deep blue sea….          

so can we!

You are here on a mission of light.

How do you connect with that celestial part of your soul?

How did you get here and what gifts do you bring to this planet?

Are you aligned to the Divine Feminine? To the Earth below and the stars above?

Is your heart yearning to go deeper?

To connect stronger to what is really going on here? 

Lets get aligned



Now more hiding. We’ve got work to do. 

You feel something deep within you shifting.

There is a calling in your heart to be more aligned to who you came to Earth to be.

You want the work you do to be aligned with your gifts and your purpose.

Maybe you know the changes that need to be made in your life, but you are terrified to make them.

Or perhaps you aren’t sure exactly WHAT is out of alignment, but you know that things need to change and it would be nice to have some clarity and support as you make those changes.

My name is Alisha and I’m here to empower you. 

I was raised motherless, and yet mothering is all that I really know.

I’ve been through a drawn out divorce and custody battle with an emotionally abusive man, yet love is all I know.

I speak to the Stars, to people’s souls and to spirit, yet navigating this realm is all I really know.

I teach reiki.

I offer empowerment packages that completely transform your life.

I offer business coaching for those who are ready to step into their power.

I help you find strength when you feel there is none.

I  s e e  y o u. 

 Lightworkers, it’s time to align with your gifts, your powers and purpose. The next wave of awakening is approaching fast, and it’s time to have your business set in place.

Let me guide you.

Together we are changing the world!

It’s your time to jump.  

I am a global worker. You can work with me from anywhere.

I love to hear your stories. I love to understand your pain, and I love to witness you become all that you wanted to be and more.  

If you’ve made it this far and you my words are calling to you, please contact me, so that we can get your mission started! I would love to work with you.