You feel something deep within you shifting.

There is a calling in your heart to be more aligned to who you came to Earth to be.

Maybe you know the changes that need to be made in your life, but you are terrified to make them.

Or perhaps you aren’t sure exactly WHAT is out of alignment, but you know that things need to change and it would be nice to have some clarity and support as you make those changes.

You feel exhausted most of the time,

always giving – never asking anything in return.

But you want to keep your own heart full as well.

You want to feel that true connection ~

to LIVE,


You work so hard and sometimes it feels like you are going in circles.

You will always be strong, but you want to be connected as well.

You want to bring your true soul gifts forward to share.

You want to give your heart as fully as possible.

You need some self love – some self care – some self discovery….

You have an identity – you don’t want to lose it – swept under the rug with toys and clothes and hair ties.

I’d love to help you find the secrets of your unique soul, so that you can have more energy, more joy, more abundance, less resistance and experience the life you dream about living. You are doing the most difficult job on this Earth, you deserve some assistance.

Sometimes life gives us really difficult choices.

Wouldn’t you like to witness how amazing you truly are?

Don’t you think you are worth it?

If you are ready to truly change your life to be more in alignment with who you are, I would love to help you.

We will get a chance to look at what gifts and skills you bring to this life, and what has been blocking you up until now. We can work together at clearing the blocks and opening the door to a whole new life, aligned with who you truly are. The process is truly life-changing, and you gain information that you can use forever.

If you feel ready to take the next step, I ask you to please call or email me to schedule a time to have a phone conversation – for free! We can spend some time on the phone talking about what you are hoping to create in your life, and decide if I am the right person for you to work with. I would love to discuss my services with you so that we can find what fits best for your life. It is my honor to help the amazing men and women that are ready to step forward and live the life that they have dreamed of.

I am also available at my normal Reiki space in Portland on Saturdays as well, for hands on healing. I also have some Reiki classes in the works!