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You are a healer too

Yes I am a healer

It’s humbling and amazing and joyful to say those words. I am a healer….but guess what… I do not heal anybody else. I can not heal anybody else. I only heal myself. I can’t even heal my own children. Because we each have our own path in this world and our own purpose. So often we want to help others. We want to take their pain for them, carry the weight of the world for them, take on their challenges for them. Sometimes we’ve been down the road they are on and we know which ways they should turn. But they usually don’t listen to us. Why? Because they have experiences that their soul needs to go through. They know at a deeper level that they have to learn for themselves. Who are we to take that experience away? I know that I have had many many challenges in this lifetime, and I would NOT be the person that I am not without going through so much pain. Pain helps us to grow if we are willing. It opens our eyes and bursts through our hearts.

So what exactly do I do then as a healer? How do I help people and what do I do?

I see truth.

I know that you are a being of light and of love, and I understand the ways that the world can cover that truth up from you. I support you in standing in your truth. I support you in going to the scary places that have been stocked away in your body somewhere, hoping to be lost or forgotten. (Those emotions can not be forgotten or lost, they have to be experienced and processed in order for you to grow and to heal). My job is to be brutally honest with you. To help you find your path and your own healing. To support the challenges and guide you deeper.

I have had lots of training and experience in exposing the blocks. I can look into your energy field and see what has been causing you to make choices that you’ve made. I can help you see yourself from a higher perspective. I can channel beautiful reiki energy to guide you as well, and when that happens we don’t even have to talk. The healing happens inside of your own heart and mind. I can hold the space for you to cry, to open, to feel safe, to see the light that you are.

When people ask what it is I do, I’m never able to explain it in normal words. I usually try, and then end up sounding like I’ve lost a few of my own marbles. But in the end, the work that I do is so beautiful and so powerful that there are not words in our language to describe it. It’s just something that you KNOW. Something that you FEEL. Your entire life can shift in just one simple session. I have seen it happen many times.

The problem is that we are fed so many excuses and reasons to forget who we really are. So many ways to be distracted and not pay attention. Western medicine offers us pills for our pain, inside and out. Pills to keep us numb. The fear fed to us through media keeps us blind to the beauty right in front of our eyes. The food that is easy and inexpensive is made from chemicals that make us sick. But if your mind is trying to tell you something, then why ignore that? Living our divine purpose is not easy. For most of us it will require great change for us to get from the life we are in now (careers, relationships, family etc) to the life that we are meant to be living. We have this chance right now to WAKE UP. To LISTEN to what your heart and mind know that you need to do. And many of us are afraid of that change. We don’t like the challenge. But the longer that you numb those thoughts and cover up those pains, the harder it will be. You have to WANT to grow. You have to WANT to heal. The work is NOT easy, and that is why I am here.

I know pain. I know suffering. I am a warrior. I see the love that you are made of. I am here to be your mirror. And to hold your hand through the darkness. Don’t hesitate to contact me.

I’ve recently found that having a reiki session soon after your clearing is a fantastic way to help the new vibration enter into your body, and to clear any outstanding fears or negative energy that is still in your way. It’s a precious process. And having someone to guide and support your through the darkness is a very valuable gift. I am here to support you. You are not alone.

I’m sending you love and light on this journey. You are a healer. Nobody can do this work for you. You must find the courage and take it on. You can do it. I believe in you.

Alisha Stenger

Winds Blowing and Fires Burning

I have been thinking a lot about fire and wind.

About storms and about the ways in which our bodies ARE OF THE EARTH.

As above, so below. As without, so within.

Have you noticed big strong windstorms lately? Recently we had such strong winds move through Portland. It was about two days of constant chaos in the trees, gusts that would rattle the entire house.

And during that time you could really feel the collective energy doing the same thing. We were being stirred up. Thoughts and routines became chaotic. Things weren’t lining up the way they are supposed to. Emotions were spontaneous and unexpected.

So what do you do when you feel that there is a hurricane rolling through your thoughts and emotions, stirring you up in your soul? How do you stay grounded when you feel ready to be blown away? My advice…

Look at the trees.

Trees have roots, deep into the Earth. They stay grounded. They let go of the branches that are too heavy or unhealthy. They drop leaves and cones. And most of all, they sway. They stay flexible. They don’t stand there and wonder when the wind will stop, or worry about making it through the storm. They move in the air, take the path of least resistance. Dance in the breeze. Stay nimble. Stay humble. Don’t fight that which moves you, don’t try to fight the current. Float.

And even stronger than the winds right now seems to be the fire. Here on the West Coast it seems like everything is burning. It’s been such a dry, hot summer, and the wildfires are sure proof of that. But recently my friend Nicole wrote about the fires, and it reminded me of something so very important. Fire is transformation. Fire is healing. Fire creates growth. It is such a necessary part of the cycle.

So I’ve tuned in a lot to the collective energy on the planet. I absolutely will not watch the news or even follow current events right now, because I just can’t afford to lose my center in these times. I can still feel it. In my clients, in my community, in the way that the Earth feels from day to day. These are big times, and there has been so much stirred by the winds, and now it’s time to clean house.

Many of us are currently the container for a great blazing fire. Fuming and hot and relentless. I see anger and fear and control at the forefront for many right now. It’s a new cycle of souls awakening to consciousness, and it’s fierce. Have you felt this way recently? As if there was a wildfire taking over inside, burning up all that you want to hold on to, and all that you thought that you were? And if this is happening to you, what is the best way to handle it? Our society has you believe that you can take a pill, alcohol, drugs etc. to blind yourself from your truth. How much easier to ignore it and cover it up with fast food addictions and fear based news on T.V.? But guess what…..that’s not going to help you anymore.

It’s time to let that fire burn.

And my advise? Stoke that fire! Feed it! Walk straight into it. If you are afraid, good. If you are an emotional wreck and you feel like there is nowhere to turn…good. It means you are doing your work. It means you have found your truth. And once that happens, you simply have to burn down everything that you have held onto, anything that is waiting, and suddenly you find yourself in the place where the ashes have fed the soil. Where new life begins to sprout in ways that you had never imagined possible, and where there is no longer room for fear and for hatred. Your tropical paradise is waiting for you. But you have to do the work to get there. Those old habits and jobs and relationships and thoughts and emotions are not going to go away on their own. It’s time to throw them in the fire. It’s time to find peace and find love. It’s time wake up.

 I’ve recently found that having a reiki session soon after your clearing is a fantastic way to help the new vibration enter into your body, and to clear any outstanding fears or negative energy that is still in your way. It’s a precious process. And having someone to guide and support your through the darkness is a very valuable gift. I am here to support you. You are not alone.

If you’d like more information on reiki you can find that on my website HERE.

If you’d like more information on Soul Realignment you can find that on my website HERE.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns that you have. I look forward to hearing from you! As we wind down these last days of summer, I wish you peace and abundance.

We all want to find our Village

So why isn’t it happening?

This is a theme that has come up a lot in my sessions, so I felt it important to let you all know what I see happening, and why I think our villages and connections are so hard to make right now. Have you felt that longing to be connected to community. Have you tried to create the support that you feel like you need, and it’s just not happening? Wouldn’t it be nice to be held, rescued, swept up and loved for all that you are? Of course it would. We all want that.

The world is changing so quickly now. Relationships are changing. We are all changing. We can no longer ignore our discomfort in the relationships, jobs, and day to day living that we used to tolerate. We are all growing, expanding, and finding ourselves amongst the wreckage of what used to be our life. An authentic life of purpose is more and more important every day.

I am confident that the day is coming when we can all bond together again. We will be able to create the family and the culture that we long for, but first we all MUST find ourselfs. We are being forced. Anytime that you have your mother, or your lover, or your best friend there to support you in your deepest darkness, it enables you to be less strong. It enables you to depend on someone else. I feel that we are in a time now that we are all being forced to find the Light and the Love and the Strength all alone…because it is truly there, but sometimes it requires going into your darkest shadows to find it. When you have to pick yourself up off of the floor because there is nobody else to do it for you – you are growing! It’s a chance to experience how strong you really are, and also a chance to realize that there is so much support that is unseen and unknown, and so your faith is tested and strengthened as well.

I’ve heard this time on Earth be compared to giving birth, and now I totally see it. Having two totally unmedicated births myself has given me the opportunity to get to the deepest place of challenge i’ve ever faced in my life, where you want to give up. You want to have help. You want someone to take over and do it for you. You change your mind right there in the end because you can’t see how close you are to the finish line. And in giving birth there is a surrender that must happen. You come to realize that nobody else can push that baby out for you. Nobody can push the pause button and give you a break. You just have to find your strength, surrender to the Universe and push through.
So now imagine that village, but this time it will be made only of those who are full of Light. It will be made of those who actually KNOW their strength and their light, and instead of the taking that happens in relationships, there will only be giving. The support will be so much stronger because it will come from those who are awake to their own power. The ties will be tighter, the bonds that much thicker.

So I encourage you to remember this next time you feel left all alone to fend for yourself in an ugly place. Look INSIDE for support. See if you can find your strength. Find your spirit and pull yourself up. Love yourself. Nurture yourself. We are all made of the Earth. We are all loved so much more than we realize. But without the opportunity of total solitude, that is something you could never know.

I’m sending so much love and blessings your way! Please call or email me to come in and get some Reiki love or Akashic Records clearing done. This work heavily supports those going through big transitions in life. There is more assistance than you could ever know.


How Reiki is working for me now

It’s happened several times now, and each time it does, I am blown away. It goes something like this….I will get a text or an instant message online from a friend that “isn’t feeling good”.  Usually they are feeling down, or maybe crazy things are happening in life, and for some reason they choose ME to connect to. I usually say “okay just put your hand on your heart and breath”. Then I begin to send Reiki long distance to wherever they are. (I have treated people in San Diego, Chico, Ohio, Florida, New York and more, all from  my home in Oregon). 

In Reiki II you learn to use the energy to basically build a “bridge” to the person, wherever they may be. You can also send reiki to the future, the past, and to yourself. Energy truly knows no time or space, and this has been proven to me over and over again in the past year.

After what usually feels like a few seconds, I usually tend to get a “knowing” about what the true issues are in my long distance friend. It’s usually emotional, but showing up as a physical symptom. So I will say something like “You are holding all of your tension in your jaw…try to relax” or “ There is a big pressure in your head…do you have a headache?!” or “It feels like there is a wall around your heart right now, are you having relationship stuff happening right now? Is your heart breaking for some reason?”. And the amazing thing is that EVERY SINGLE TIME so far….I have been spot on. Nobody has ever questioned what I was telling them, or told me that they did not agree with my diagnosis. 

Once we have confirmed the issue, there is usually a flood of information that comes through about treatment, words of wisdom, ideas of life changes that need to happen. It’s always something that is not being recognized, and it’s never something that is easy to change. The amazing thing though, is there is ALWAYS a choice to change it. The client always has the ability to choose something different. 

And so I see Reiki much like the other other energy work that I do. It helps us to clear blocks, and it helps us to see things more clearly, so that we can choose to live more in alignment with our purpose. Sometimes it’s just that relaxing medicine that helps our muscles sooth and our mind rest for a bit. When we are relaxed, it’s easier for our body to heal. But Reiki also helps us to figure out why it’s hurting in the first place. Sometimes it’s much deeper.

It’s also good to know that Reiki will always work towards your highest good, and it will never intrude. If there is something that you are not ready to deal with, Reiki may gently remind you of it, and then move along to something else until you are ready. It’s so gentle. It’s so respectful.

I look at Reiki as a great way to really “tap in” to the universe around us, as well as the Earth. It’s asking for a little bit of help from something that is so much bigger than us. It’s trusting that we are here to experience this amazing life, and that we are not alone. And my favorite part – Reiki will work, even if you don’t believe it will. Sometimes it has a way of PROVING itself to those who don’t believe. It’s so amazing to witness. I’m so thankful for Reiki. I would not have gotten to where I am today without it.

Here are some magical things that I have seen Reiki do for my clients personally:

I have had a client’s water break and labor begin just 20 minutes after her reiki session (followed by an amazingly powerful and fast birth!)

I have been able to permantly remove specific stress from peoples lives, almost instantly

I have healed physical pain held in the joints and muscles

I have helped people to get “un-stuck” from situations that were not in their highest good, whether that be a relationship, a carreer, a lifestyle choice etc.

I have supported both men and women through seperation and divorce

I have helped mama/baby couples with breastfeeding and bonding

I have had one client who was literally on her death bed, in the hospital, the physicians were ready to unplug her from life support, and as soon as I began sending reiki she suddenly was okay. She is still alive today.

I have had clients tell me that it literally felt like the shackles from their chest were removed and they could breath again.

Wouldn’t you like to try reiki out for yourself? You can come into my office for hands on healing if you live in Portland, OR we can set up a distance session, where you simply relax on your own bed or couch and we do a phone call or skype instead. It works JUST as well, if not better that way.

I’d love to serve you. The time has come for us all to awaken to our own healing and become the poweful creators that we were born to be. We all have to support each other in this growth, and I am here for you!

What is Reiki

Reiki is a beautiful and amazing form of Energy Healing. It was discovered by
Mikao Usui in March of 1922, and is now known world wide. I see Reiki as pure,
clean, simple LOVE. It helps to rejuvenate the overworked body, it helps to
clear the busy mind, and most of all, it helps to heal us holistically in our
physical, mental and emotional bodies. Many clients come in to my studio simply to relax. I have heard several times that my clients find a reiki treatment to be even more relaxing than a massage or acupuncture! It takes the weights of this heavy world from our tired bones. It gives our spirit a chance to speak to us clearly while we rest. Some have emotional release while laying on the table, some simply sleep. There is no right or wrong to reiki. It works every time. You don’t have to believe that it will work for it to do its magic. It just IS. It
just DOES. Reiki is guided by Spirit. It can not hurt you or do harm in any way.
It is an excellent supporter of ANY medical issues that you may be treating with Western Medicine. It is practiced in over 800 hospitals in the United States.

What does a treatment look like?

There are several different things that might happen during a reiki session, but typically you will just lay on the cozy massage table, fully clothed, and I will rest my hands on different parts of your body. I always like to start with a short
meditation to get your breathing to slow and your mind to focus inside
rather than on the outside world. Many people fall right to sleep, some
just rest. It usually only takes just a few minutes for the outside world to
totally fall away.

If it is appropriate, I may give you a healing attunement, where you will be able to work on releasing anything that you have been holding onto that is no longer serving you. If you are coming in for a specific physical pain, I will focus most of the session on that area. Sometimes there is a mental component associated with the pain or injury. We can explore that if you feel you want to. Sometimes people don’t like to talk about the things that are bothering them. This is a perfect way to let go and do work on a very deep level, without having to share what it is that you are dealing with. It’s very private and personal, and I am just there to hold the space and give support.

Mothering with Spirit

Have you noticed that having children has brought you closer to Spirit?
Have you felt drawn to be more connected to the Earth, to your Soul or
to Something Bigger…but you just are not sure what? Perhaps traditional
religions have not felt right for you, but you know that there must be more out

Do you wish to raise your children in a way that is more in
alignment with the Universe? Perhaps you are looking for language to use with
small children when it comes to discussing Energy or just life in

If you feel drawn to be closer to your children, and closer to
your own Soul, please consider a session with me. We all deserve to live our
life to our fullest potential. What is holding you back?

Once you know who you truly are at a Soul level, things will all make sense. Once you know –
you will realize the tools and the gifts that you came into this life with, and
you can use them to create such abundance in life!

I am so passionate about helping new parents make the transition into becoming a mother and/or a father. This is such a powerful time in our lives when the Universe is so open
to letting us learn more. Birth brings forth a gush of energy that you can
really take advantage of if you are prepared. My work as a postpartum Doula, as
well as a mother, has really prepared me for this work. I can’t wait to share it
with you.

Please feel free to book a session with me now. I am here for
your. You deserve it!