How Reiki is working for me now

It’s happened several times now, and each time it does, I am blown away. It goes something like this….I will get a text or an instant message online from a friend that “isn’t feeling good”.  Usually they are feeling down, or maybe crazy things are happening in life, and for some reason they choose ME to connect to. I usually say “okay just put your hand on your heart and breath”. Then I begin to send Reiki long distance to wherever they are. (I have treated people in San Diego, Chico, Ohio, Florida, New York and more, all from  my home in Oregon). 

In Reiki II you learn to use the energy to basically build a “bridge” to the person, wherever they may be. You can also send reiki to the future, the past, and to yourself. Energy truly knows no time or space, and this has been proven to me over and over again in the past year.

After what usually feels like a few seconds, I usually tend to get a “knowing” about what the true issues are in my long distance friend. It’s usually emotional, but showing up as a physical symptom. So I will say something like “You are holding all of your tension in your jaw…try to relax” or “ There is a big pressure in your head…do you have a headache?!” or “It feels like there is a wall around your heart right now, are you having relationship stuff happening right now? Is your heart breaking for some reason?”. And the amazing thing is that EVERY SINGLE TIME so far….I have been spot on. Nobody has ever questioned what I was telling them, or told me that they did not agree with my diagnosis. 

Once we have confirmed the issue, there is usually a flood of information that comes through about treatment, words of wisdom, ideas of life changes that need to happen. It’s always something that is not being recognized, and it’s never something that is easy to change. The amazing thing though, is there is ALWAYS a choice to change it. The client always has the ability to choose something different. 

And so I see Reiki much like the other other energy work that I do. It helps us to clear blocks, and it helps us to see things more clearly, so that we can choose to live more in alignment with our purpose. Sometimes it’s just that relaxing medicine that helps our muscles sooth and our mind rest for a bit. When we are relaxed, it’s easier for our body to heal. But Reiki also helps us to figure out why it’s hurting in the first place. Sometimes it’s much deeper.

It’s also good to know that Reiki will always work towards your highest good, and it will never intrude. If there is something that you are not ready to deal with, Reiki may gently remind you of it, and then move along to something else until you are ready. It’s so gentle. It’s so respectful.

I look at Reiki as a great way to really “tap in” to the universe around us, as well as the Earth. It’s asking for a little bit of help from something that is so much bigger than us. It’s trusting that we are here to experience this amazing life, and that we are not alone. And my favorite part – Reiki will work, even if you don’t believe it will. Sometimes it has a way of PROVING itself to those who don’t believe. It’s so amazing to witness. I’m so thankful for Reiki. I would not have gotten to where I am today without it.

Here are some magical things that I have seen Reiki do for my clients personally:

I have had a client’s water break and labor begin just 20 minutes after her reiki session (followed by an amazingly powerful and fast birth!)

I have been able to permantly remove specific stress from peoples lives, almost instantly

I have healed physical pain held in the joints and muscles

I have helped people to get “un-stuck” from situations that were not in their highest good, whether that be a relationship, a carreer, a lifestyle choice etc.

I have supported both men and women through seperation and divorce

I have helped mama/baby couples with breastfeeding and bonding

I have had one client who was literally on her death bed, in the hospital, the physicians were ready to unplug her from life support, and as soon as I began sending reiki she suddenly was okay. She is still alive today.

I have had clients tell me that it literally felt like the shackles from their chest were removed and they could breath again.

Wouldn’t you like to try reiki out for yourself? You can come into my office for hands on healing if you live in Portland, OR we can set up a distance session, where you simply relax on your own bed or couch and we do a phone call or skype instead. It works JUST as well, if not better that way.

I’d love to serve you. The time has come for us all to awaken to our own healing and become the poweful creators that we were born to be. We all have to support each other in this growth, and I am here for you!