We all want to find our Village

So why isn’t it happening?

This is a theme that has come up a lot in my sessions, so I felt it important to let you all know what I see happening, and why I think our villages and connections are so hard to make right now. Have you felt that longing to be connected to community. Have you tried to create the support that you feel like you need, and it’s just not happening? Wouldn’t it be nice to be held, rescued, swept up and loved for all that you are? Of course it would. We all want that.

The world is changing so quickly now. Relationships are changing. We are all changing. We can no longer ignore our discomfort in the relationships, jobs, and day to day living that we used to tolerate. We are all growing, expanding, and finding ourselves amongst the wreckage of what used to be our life. An authentic life of purpose is more and more important every day.

I am confident that the day is coming when we can all bond together again. We will be able to create the family and the culture that we long for, but first we all MUST find ourselfs. We are being forced. Anytime that you have your mother, or your lover, or your best friend there to support you in your deepest darkness, it enables you to be less strong. It enables you to depend on someone else. I feel that we are in a time now that we are all being forced to find the Light and the Love and the Strength all alone…because it is truly there, but sometimes it requires going into your darkest shadows to find it. When you have to pick yourself up off of the floor because there is nobody else to do it for you – you are growing! It’s a chance to experience how strong you really are, and also a chance to realize that there is so much support that is unseen and unknown, and so your faith is tested and strengthened as well.

I’ve heard this time on Earth be compared to giving birth, and now I totally see it. Having two totally unmedicated births myself has given me the opportunity to get to the deepest place of challenge i’ve ever faced in my life, where you want to give up. You want to have help. You want someone to take over and do it for you. You change your mind right there in the end because you can’t see how close you are to the finish line. And in giving birth there is a surrender that must happen. You come to realize that nobody else can push that baby out for you. Nobody can push the pause button and give you a break. You just have to find your strength, surrender to the Universe and push through.
So now imagine that village, but this time it will be made only of those who are full of Light. It will be made of those who actually KNOW their strength and their light, and instead of the taking that happens in relationships, there will only be giving. The support will be so much stronger because it will come from those who are awake to their own power. The ties will be tighter, the bonds that much thicker.

So I encourage you to remember this next time you feel left all alone to fend for yourself in an ugly place. Look INSIDE for support. See if you can find your strength. Find your spirit and pull yourself up. Love yourself. Nurture yourself. We are all made of the Earth. We are all loved so much more than we realize. But without the opportunity of total solitude, that is something you could never know.

I’m sending so much love and blessings your way! Please call or email me to come in and get some Reiki love or Akashic Records clearing done. This work heavily supports those going through big transitions in life. There is more assistance than you could ever know.