You are a healer too

Yes I am a healer

It’s humbling and amazing and joyful to say those words. I am a healer….but guess what… I do not heal anybody else. I can not heal anybody else. I only heal myself. I can’t even heal my own children. Because we each have our own path in this world and our own purpose. So often we want to help others. We want to take their pain for them, carry the weight of the world for them, take on their challenges for them. Sometimes we’ve been down the road they are on and we know which ways they should turn. But they usually don’t listen to us. Why? Because they have experiences that their soul needs to go through. They know at a deeper level that they have to learn for themselves. Who are we to take that experience away? I know that I have had many many challenges in this lifetime, and I would NOT be the person that I am not without going through so much pain. Pain helps us to grow if we are willing. It opens our eyes and bursts through our hearts.

So what exactly do I do then as a healer? How do I help people and what do I do?

I see truth.

I know that you are a being of light and of love, and I understand the ways that the world can cover that truth up from you. I support you in standing in your truth. I support you in going to the scary places that have been stocked away in your body somewhere, hoping to be lost or forgotten. (Those emotions can not be forgotten or lost, they have to be experienced and processed in order for you to grow and to heal). My job is to be brutally honest with you. To help you find your path and your own healing. To support the challenges and guide you deeper.

I have had lots of training and experience in exposing the blocks. I can look into your energy field and see what has been causing you to make choices that you’ve made. I can help you see yourself from a higher perspective. I can channel beautiful reiki energy to guide you as well, and when that happens we don’t even have to talk. The healing happens inside of your own heart and mind. I can hold the space for you to cry, to open, to feel safe, to see the light that you are.

When people ask what it is I do, I’m never able to explain it in normal words. I usually try, and then end up sounding like I’ve lost a few of my own marbles. But in the end, the work that I do is so beautiful and so powerful that there are not words in our language to describe it. It’s just something that you KNOW. Something that you FEEL. Your entire life can shift in just one simple session. I have seen it happen many times.

The problem is that we are fed so many excuses and reasons to forget who we really are. So many ways to be distracted and not pay attention. Western medicine offers us pills for our pain, inside and out. Pills to keep us numb. The fear fed to us through media keeps us blind to the beauty right in front of our eyes. The food that is easy and inexpensive is made from chemicals that make us sick. But if your mind is trying to tell you something, then why ignore that? Living our divine purpose is not easy. For most of us it will require great change for us to get from the life we are in now (careers, relationships, family etc) to the life that we are meant to be living. We have this chance right now to WAKE UP. To LISTEN to what your heart and mind know that you need to do. And many of us are afraid of that change. We don’t like the challenge. But the longer that you numb those thoughts and cover up those pains, the harder it will be. You have to WANT to grow. You have to WANT to heal. The work is NOT easy, and that is why I am here.

I know pain. I know suffering. I am a warrior. I see the love that you are made of. I am here to be your mirror. And to hold your hand through the darkness. Don’t hesitate to contact me.

I’ve recently found that having a reiki session soon after your clearing is a fantastic way to help the new vibration enter into your body, and to clear any outstanding fears or negative energy that is still in your way. It’s a precious process. And having someone to guide and support your through the darkness is a very valuable gift. I am here to support you. You are not alone.

I’m sending you love and light on this journey. You are a healer. Nobody can do this work for you. You must find the courage and take it on. You can do it. I believe in you.

Alisha Stenger