Empowered Mothering

nurtureheadingDear sweet Mama to be,

Are you feeling stressed out and overwhelmed with the arrival of your new baby?

Does it feel like you have been play-acting the roll of perfect wife and mom?

With the arrival of this next baby, do you sometimes wonder if you might completely lose yourself in the roll of Mothering?

What happened to that YOU that you used to know? You may feel as if the important pieces of yourself have gotten lost in the day to day hustle of being a mother, and there is hardly any room in your life anymore for just being YOU. Perhaps you sometimes feel as if you are drowning under the overwhelming weight of being a great mom. And while you are definitely excited about your new baby, you’re also deeply afraid that with the arrival of a new precious life into your family, even more pieces of YOU might be swept under the rug to be lost forever.

As this baby grows inside of you, you know that your own entire Being has been growing as well.

You are not the same woman that you were a few months ago.

You understand that pregnancy is a great time of healing and of growth. You want to make the most of this very limited time in your life!

You have heard of a doula for childbirth or for the postpartum period, but what about during pregnancy? You need extra support through this pregnancy, and not just physical or emotional support, but spiritual support as well. Someone that understands what you are going through, someone who has been there before.

Maybe there are some blocks for you to get through in order to have the pregnancy or the birth that you desire.

Perhaps you would like to better understand the relationships in your new family.

But most of all, you want to remember who you really are. And you want to feel empowered and connected.

Well you have come to the right place! I am here to nurture the mother that you know lives inside of you. I would love to assist you in connecting to yourself at a much deeper level than you ever knew was possible.

You are invited to a complimentary Empowered Mothering Consultation to discuss the answers to these questions and more. During this phone session with me you will also learn:

a. How to really step into power and knowing during this pregnancy

b. What tools are available to you for pregnancy, labor preparation and postpartum

c. How connected you are to your higher self

So please give me a call, or send me an email now to set up a time for this complimentary session!

I really look forward to hearing from you!

My phone number is (971) 238.7714

My email address is info@evolveportland.com