Coaching Packages

🌸 you wanna do this? 🌸
Let my presence be an activation 
Let this depth of sparkle from your home star through my sly glance remind you who you ARE 
Let my unfolding reality be evidence of the magic you are creating 
🦋 I will not watch you stay small 🦋
One week with me~ I’m not kidding…. 
One phone call and your reality shifts, 
One clearing and your world is
One card reading and your blinders are pulled so far OFF of those eyes you’re seeing TRUTH
One attunement and you will remember ~
You’ll remember that you’re so much bigger,
So much deeper, 
So much more powerful than you even remembered 🌸
I’m not here to waste your time or mess around or convince you of my service
I’m here to expand you
 ~ you either feel my frequency or you don’t~
Energetic alignment comes when I RADIATE ✨
I’m not asking you, I’m telling you, 
You can trust me to alchemize your reality, 
or you can align elsewhere,
I have no time for maybes 💕

Let’s talk options

I want you to know that I offer a journey that will change your life.

It’s supportive, loving and profound

I am calling out to anyone who is either ready to step into the path of creating a business that is aligned to you at a soul level, as well as those who may already have started this journey, but are looking to really expand their presence and their work in a much bigger way.

My clients are stepping into their dreams in the most powerful ways, and it’s my utmost honor to be here to guide them, hold them accountable, and offer love when they are ready to give up.

Creating your life can be a relentless struggle sometimes.

The Universe offers us moments that test us to our deepest core wounds.

There will be times when you want to give up.

Times that you wish you could “go back to sleep”.

You don’t have to take this journey alone.

I meet with my coaching clients once a week on the phone for a private call,

and then I offer the unlimited messaging support in between.

~ Entry Package ~ Quarterly Minimum

3 months ( 12 weeks)

  • weekly phone calls
  • unlimited voxer support
  • Soul Realignment Reading and Clearing
  • Human Design reading for you and your family/business partner
  • all of my courses ran during your time with me (Reiki and Masterminds are excluded)
  • Pay in Full Investment is $7,777 or 3 monthly payments of $2,888 or 6 bi-monthly payments of $1,444

Extended level ~

6 months (24 weeks)

  • weekly phone calls
  • unlimited voxer support
  • multiple Soul Realignment Reading/Clearings
  • Human Design Reading for you and your family/business partner
  • all courses ran by me during our time together (masterminds are excluded)
  • Reiki Level 1 and Level 2 classes/attunements
  • Pay in Full Investment is $13,999 or 6 monthly payments of $2,888

Premium Package ~ Ultimate High Level Journey

12 months (one calendar year)

  • weekly phone calls
  • unlimited voxer support
  • unlimited Soul Realignment Readings/Clearings
  • unlimited Human Design Readings
  • all courses that I run in our year together
  • all masterminds that I run in our year together
  • All levels Reiki training and attumnements
  • TWO in person experiences, one in the front end and one at the end of the year, I will come to you, or you will come to me, or maybe we will just both go to Hawaii!!!
  • Pay in Full Investment is $33,333 or 12 monthly payments of $2,888