Akashic Alignment – The ultimate clearing for your soul

Just as the ancient Polynesians used stars to navigate through time and and space of the deep blue sea….          

so can we!

You are here on a mission of light.

How do you connect with that celestial part of your soul?

How did you get here and what gifts do you bring to this planet?

Are you aligned to the Divine Feminine? To the Earth below and the stars above?

Is your heart yearning to go deeper?

To connect stronger to what is really going on here? 

Lets get aligned



Now more hiding. We’ve got work to do. 

You feel something deep within you shifting.

There is a calling in your heart to be more aligned to who you came to Earth to be.

Maybe you know the changes that need to be made in your life, but you are terrified to make them.

Or perhaps you aren’t sure exactly WHAT is out of alignment, but you know that things need to change and it would be nice to have some clarity and support as you make those changes.

You may need a Soul Realignment!

Soul Realignment is an intuitive process where I go into the Akashic Records to find out WHO YOU ARE at soul level. We look at the original blueprint of your soul, including where your soul is from, the gifts that you so naturally bring, and your purpose.

Most importantly we look at what is blocking you from being who you came to be.

We all have negative blocks and restrictions either from this life, or from lifetimes past.

I look to see what those restrictions are, and then together we clear them!

It is powerful, amazing and LIFE CHANGING.

Honestly, I find it similar to therapy, except it’s like a short cut where you get to process a lifetime of trauma in just a few weeks. You get to really know who you are and what you are doing here. You get to feel grounded and confident in moving forward with changes that you want to make, and you have someone there to root you on (that’s me!)

 How does it work~ This package includes a 3 part process.
Step 1 – Within 48 hours of receiving your payment I will contact you to schedule your first call with me. We will have a 20 minute call where I will obtain specific information needed to access your akashic records. We will also take a moment to set your intentions for this reading/clearing and discuss what you are hoping to see change in this process.
Step 2 – Once we are clear on your intentions I will do your reading on my own time.
We will then meet for a second phone call so that we can discuss what I have found and what has been cleared energetically. This will be a very powerful session where you will learn an entire frame of reference around the Akashic Records and your soul and energy body.
I will also assign you “homework” where you will receive a personalized 21 day prayer, and other prayers or assignments if necessary. You will also receive a recording of our phone call.
Step 3 – We will have one more 20 minute call to work through anything that comes up in your 21 day clearing process, or at the end so that we can celebrate the transformation you’ve accomplished.
I will also be available via voxer for 21 days after your second phone call to answer questions that you have when they come up. I am here to support you!
The investment for this incredible process is $3,333
I have many success stories – several including instant life changes, relationship healing, physical body healing, weight loss, big financial shifts, career changes, ending night terror immediately for babies, young children AND adults, and the list goes on.
Energy work is a great compliment to western medicine. Science is finally starting to understand the ways that our bodies work as energetic beings, and the ways that this kind of healing can assist in other, more recognized and accepted healing modalities.
 Here is what some of my  other recent clients have said about their own soul realignments ~
“Prior to the Soul Realignment that Alisha performed for me I had been searching for an understanding of myself and clarity on why things in my life seemed to be a bit off-track. The information provided to me helped me gain a better understanding of my soul’s background, how it affected my current state of being, while assisting in aligning my Soul and Body to achieve the knowledge and realization of my true self. After Alisha provided feedback on my soul’s history I was given a 21-day prayer that aided in cleansing and shifting the energy in and around my soul. I cannot express in words how helpful the Soul Realignment I received from Alisha was, as it was a very personal self-understanding and self-growth experience. I would recommend a Soul Realignment for anyone who has been searching for better self-understanding and direction in life.”
Josh in Portland, OR
“My Soul Realignment/Akashic Reading with Alisha was amazing and brought much healing and insight. Alisha is very intuitive and she has a high motivation to help people make their lives better. My Soul Realignment/Akashic Reading reading was packed with so many details and was extremely beneficial. I find that I am able to manifest more easily. I feel lighter and more at ease. Alisha gave me tools to work with on my own. I highly recommend Alisha’s Soul Realignment/Akashic Reading.” Rebecca in Portland OR

Before receiving Reiki treatment from Alisha to aid in the healing of my emotional distress and chronic physical pain I was also suffering from on-going nightmares or night terrors. Not only did this physically affect my daily life, as I always seemed to be lacking in proper rest, but my nightmares were also playing into my emotional distress. It got to the point that I would worry at bed time about what I would dream about, and if I would actually be able to rest peacefully. During one of my sessions with Alisha she focused on my nightmares, and performed work on it during my soul realignment. To my surprise my nightmares went away immediately. It has been 5 months since Alisha performed the clearing on me and I am very pleased to say that they haven’t come back!”
J.H in Portland, OR

“Alisha completed my soul realignment a few weeks ago and I’m so glad I decided to try it! She was able to provide me with very detailed information about many things including blocks, patterns, past lives, and much more. The information she shared with me during my reading really resonated remarkably with my life experiences as they have played out so far. I immediately experienced an increased sense of hope and purity in my life, and situations are already evolving and healing in rapid and positive ways. I have been saying my Transmutation of Energy prayer for two weeks with one more week to go and enjoy the ritual of it. Thanks Alisha, for sharing your much needed skills with the world!”
Katelyn in Portland, OR