Client Reviews

My work with Alisha has proven to be so powerful. I was at a point of stagnation in my life. The weight I had been losing stopped coming off, I was feeling depressed about everything; including my career of being a teacher. I was emotionally all over the place and I was not looking forward to another school year. During the summer, I went through a very deep clearing with Alisha. It was as if everything had to be emptied out to make way for new, more positive things to enter into my life….and it did. The weight finally released its iron grip on my body and began coming off again, and I’ve started the school year with a new, fresh outlook. This may be my best teaching year to date (after 17 years). Energetically there is a new alignment which is serving me well. Alisha is a blessed woman with a deep healing ability. I would highly recommend anyone seeking positive change in their lives to trust Alisha with your journey. She is pure joy to work with and whose presence automatically makes you feel better. She is incredibly wonderful!

Janice (Oregon)

My Soul Realignment/Akashic Reading with Alisha was amazing and brought much healing and insight. Alisha is very intuitive and she has a high motivation to help people make their lives better. My Soul Realignment/Akashic Reading reading was packed with so many details and was extremely beneficial. I find that I am able to manifest more easily. I feel lighter and more at ease. Alisha gave me tools to work with on my own. I highly recommend Alisha’s Soul Realignment/Akashic Reading.

 Rebecca ( Portland OR)

Alisha completed my soul realignment a few weeks ago and I’m so glad I decided to try it! She was able to provide me with very detailed information about many things including blocks, patterns, past lives, and much more. The information she shared with me during my reading really resonated remarkably with my life experiences as they have played out so far. I immediately experienced an increased sense of hope and purity in my life, and situations are already evolving and healing in rapid and positive ways. I have been saying my Transmutation of Energy prayer for two weeks with one more week to go and enjoy the ritual of it. Thanks Alisha, for sharing your much needed skills with the world!

Katelyn (Portland OR)

Prior to the Soul Realignment that Alisha performed for me I had been searching for an understanding of myself and clarity on why things in my life seemed to be a bit off-track. The information provided to me helped me gain a better understanding of my soul’s background, how it affected my current state of being, while assisting in aligning my Soul and Body to achieve the knowledge and realization of my true self. After Alisha provided feedback on my soul’s history I was given a 21-day prayer that aided in cleansing and shifting the energy in and around my soul. I cannot express in words how helpful the Soul Realignment I received from Alisha was, as it was a very personal self-understanding and self-growth experience. I would recommend a Soul Realignment for anyone who has been searching for better self-understanding and direction in life.

Josh (Portland)

“Alisha is a true healer. The depth of what she offered me, through a soul reading, me took nearly 2 years to process. The insights were powerful and rang so so true. They helped me build a more positive relationship with myself AND I developed a better understanding of my family. In addition to the insightful soul reading, Alisha encouraged me to say a protective prayer for 21 days, which took months to finally achieve. Noting how long it took me to achieve such a ritual, shed light on my need to integrate more rituals into my life. Thank you Alisha, for truly enriching my life and allowing me to gain deeper access to my soul.”

Cally in Portland

Thank you so much for the Reiki treatment. I can’t tell you how impactful the short session was for me. For one, it was so important and healing to feel safe. You created an environment in which I felt comfortable letting go of energy that was not helping me, and your compassion and understanding helped usher in feelings of security and peace. I now feel safer and more secure in many areas of my life. I love Reiki!

Amanda in Portland

My body is still ringing with the profound energy released today during my first Reiki session with Alisha..what a gentle, nurturing woman. Thank you for taking so much time with me today!

Brenda in Portland

I highly recommend Alisha and her services!! She is so professional and calming to be around. I was truly amazed at how quickly and deeply her session was able to relax me! It is only my second Reiki treatment and I was impressed! Thanks Alisha!                                                     

Shannon in Portland

Alisha, just wanted to say thanks again. Today’s session was wonderful. I carried that warm, relaxed feeling with me all day. I’ll see you for more sessions in the future, that was great.

Frances in Portland

I am amazed with Alisha and the progress I am making in my personal life. I personally feel the love flowing through her towards others, and the lifting of burdens within me. I would highly encourage anyone with physical or emotional problems to seek her help, I am very glad I have.            

Kathleen in Portland

At first I was skeptical of trying Reiki. I have been a chronic pain patient for nearly 7 years as a result of multiple knee and leg surgeries and have tried physical therapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture and even changed my diet in an attempt to treat and manage my pain. I also have recently dealt with many life …stressors both personally/emotionally and professionally. When I was referred to Evolve Reiki with Alisha I didn’t know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised. I would recommend the treatment she provides for stress, physical distress, emotional distress, or even to those that are seeking answers about their life’s purpose. I have been receiving treatment from Alisha for nearly three months and can already see changes in many aspects of my life. My physical pain is more manageable, and I am noticing changes to my emotional and spiritual well being. I can personally attest to Alisha’s abilities to heal and treat many afflictions that the mind, body and spirit can encounter. Many of my in-session experiences have opened me up to explore my spiritual awareness and reflect on the personal path I have been on in my human body. My Mother also deals with physical and emotional pain, and I asked her to see Alisha to see if she could help my Mother out in the way that she has helped me, and after one treatment she was eager to schedule another session. Thank you Alisha for all the help you have provided in assisting me with my pain management and personal growth!!!

Josh in Portland

Alisha was very welcoming, gentle and soothing. Reiki energy flowed and her use of the tuning forks was an added bonus.                                                                                                              

Kym in Portland

It is a beautiful thing when a person lives out her true passion, and Alisha Stenger is truly a beautiful being. Blessed with the healing energy of Reiki, Alisha’s desire to share this healing with others comes from the purest place. As I have experienced many times, her ability to sense energy, to clear blockages, and to soothe, calm, and heal all – from frightened kittens to bodily pain to deep emotional wounds is real and inspiring. I have the depest gratitude for Alisha and the profound healing she has brought to my life. The light, wisdom, and love that she shares through her practice of Reiki is a blessing of infinite magnitude.

Jenny in Philomath

I am so glad I had a Reiki session with you yesterday. It was a very important experience for me. Your energy work helped me quiet my mind much more than even my best efforts on my own usually do: I was able to receive light visualizations, as well as a couple of rather deep and helpful insights. A big part of the experience for me was that I felt a very strong, very positive, very unconditionally loving communion with my late partner. And I was able to let go of some longstanding resentments in my life in a surprisingly complete way. It was at once effortless and profound.

The rest of the day, I felt great: at ease, quiet inside, and upbeat. There were moments of sadness and grief, too, but the overall feeling was of lightness and love.
…Not to be too woo-woo about it. Long story short: You’re very good at what you do.
N.J. in Portland